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Kingsley's Sambar Hind

Loyal customer and all round good guy Kingsley, had returned for another hunt with me, after missing 2015 due to a Knee injury. Our morning started at 5am and we seen plenty of deer, but couldn't get a shot away. We where back at the hunting lodge just after 11am for lunch. Over lunch we came up with a plan for the afternoons hunt. The plan was for us to sit and wait in a gully we seen some deer move through in the morning hoping they would make their way back through in the afternoon. 3 o'clock seen us sitting in position waiting for a deer to move through. At just after 4pm I seen a large hind making her way toward us through a small clearing and signaled Kingsley to her location. As he

week 2 hound season

Its still hot and dry out there but if you work hard you can get the rewards

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