Kingsley's Sambar Hind

Loyal customer and all round good guy Kingsley, had returned for another hunt with me, after missing 2015 due to a Knee injury. Our morning started at 5am and we seen plenty of deer, but couldn't get a shot away. We where back at the hunting lodge just after 11am for lunch. Over lunch we came up with a plan for the afternoons hunt. The plan was for us to sit and wait in a gully we seen some deer move through in the morning hoping they would make their way back through in the afternoon. 3 o'clock seen us sitting in position waiting for a deer to move through. At just after 4pm I seen a large hind making her way toward us through a small clearing and signaled Kingsley to her location. As he positioned himself for a shot a second hind was making her way through the small clearing but just disappear back into a patch of thick cover before he could get a shot. Just as I started to zoom out with the camera looking for them, a third hind entered the clearing and Kingsley fired. ”BANG" A well-placed 150-grain projectile from his 270 dropped her on the spot mid stride, 106m across the gully. After a few quick photos and bit of video, we cut her up and packed all the good free-range organic red meat into our packs, and started the long hard walk back to the car. An hour later we were ever so happy to be back at the car and on our way back to the hunting lodge to get the meat into the cool room. It was a long hard and hot day in the bush but one we won't forget as Kingsley harvested his second sambar deer.

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