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Ultimate Sambar Deer Educational Training Course 4 Days  

One on one or small private Group only. 


Day 1 and 2 

Hands on in the bush education experience, that runs from sunrise to sunset, where you learn the skills necessary to become a successful sambar hunter, without a firearm and the pressure of trying to get a shot.


Skills included 

Finding, tracking, sign interpretation, equipment choices, understanding sambar’s behaviour, the different ways to hunt sambar, how to plan a hunt, shot placement, what to do after the shot, skinning, butchering, trophy prep, how to utilise technology  


Day 1 & 2 breakdown  

6am ~ We leave the hunting lodge at first light and head out into the bush and look for deer.

10:30am ~We arrive back at the lodge and spend the middle part of the day going over some theory with the aide of photos and video

12:30pm ~ Lunch Break, I provide lunch and we have a rest.

1:30 ~ Go over some more theory. 

 3pm ~ We head back out into the bush and stay out there until dark (5:30 - 6:30pm).


*times may change due to weather and deer activity on the day. 


Day 3 

Shot Placement Training
( 3 to 4 hours around 2.5km walking )

Shoot life size deer targets in a real bush setting with Paul by your side.

Check your firearms accuracy first at our private gun range with life size deer targets and then assess your shot placement and likely hood of a clean kill. Find your shooting comfort zone with ranges from 40m to 150m up hill, down hill and across the gully.



Day 3 breakdown 

8am ~ Start at the hunting lodge with 1 hour of theory before travelling to the shooting range.

10am ~ We first check your gun is shooting accurately at our standard gun range then begin training.

The course takes 2 to 3 hours and involves around 2.5km of walking. 

The course is run on private property near Euroa an hour from the hunting lodge. 


Day 3  optional add on  

Trophy & Meat Preparation

Get your hands dirty, have a go with Paul's guidance and learn how to butcher your own free range, organic red meat, ready for the table.

Learn everything from breaking down a whole deer as if you were in the bush, the best ways to getting it out of the bush, to .  

How to prepare your trophy for a taxidermist or the wall.

Bring your own knives or use Paul's & take home some FREE RANGE, ORGANIC RED MEAT. 


Day 3 with optional add on 


6am ~ Start at the hunting lodge with 1hour of theory before travelling to the shooting range.

8am ~ We first check your gun is shooting accurately at our standard gun range then begin training.

The course takes 2 to 3 hours and involves around 2.5km of walking. 

1pm ~ Return to the hunting lodge for lunch.

2pm ~ Spend the afternoon breaking down a whole sambar deer, all the way to steaks and mince ready to cook.  (Bring a esky to take home the venison at the end of the training course. )


Day 4 

Guided Hunt

Take everything you have learnt in the last 3 days and put it into practice in the local state forest on a guided hunt by Paul. 


Day 4 breakdown

5am ~ The day starts at the hunting lodge early so we can be in the bush waiting for day light where deer maybe moving through on their way back to bed.

We then stalk the rest of the morning.

11am ~ Back at the hunting lodge for a midday break and lunch.

 2pm ~ Head back out for an afternoon stalk.


* Finishing times change due to how successful we are.  The day may finish earlier if a deer is taken or may run late into the night if one is taken at last light.  


No trophy fees apply.


All experience and fitness levels are welcome.



Important Information 


Licences required:

Gun licence required for shot placement training 



Compulsory clothing:

Some form of blaze orange clothing is to be worn.

( ie Hat )



BYO equipment, see 'what to bring'

(equipment can be provided for an additional cost.)



BYO all meals, snacks & drinks.

The accommodation is fully self contained with a full kitchen including all cooking equipment. Fridge, Oven, Cook top, Microwave, Toaster & kettle    

Accommodation: Is included in the price with your stay starting the night before your course & finishes at 11am on the last day of your course.

A additional night is available on request for an additional cost.

BYO Linen, sleeping bag/ doona, pillow & towel. 

( Accommodation address given on booking) 



Pick-up and drop-off at the airport or train/bus station can be arranged for additional charges.   


Although Paul holds a current first aid certificate, it is important that any medication or medical ailments be noted on our booking form, as we can end up a long way from help.  

Sambar Stag Paul Boags Outdoors

Price  per person

$4500 standed 4 days

$5000 with optional add on to day 3    

1 or 2 people



Sambar Deer Target Paul Boags Outdoors
Free Range Organic Red Meat Paul Boags Outdoors
Sambar Stag Paul Boags Outdoors

The only way to practice shooting deer without shooting deer, so yoz get a chance to take a shot at your dream deer you're confident you can take the shot and humanely take the animal. 

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