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Sambar Stag



Paul Boag, a fourth-generation sambar hunter, and his wife Monica run a business that offers educational courses in deer hunting. With Paul's extensive experience and passion for sharing his knowledge, their goal is to teach fellow hunters how to successfully harvest and prepare their own free-range, organic red meat.


With over 100 years of hunting sambar deer in Australia, the Boag family has established a dynasty in the field. Their mission is to pass on the knowledge and skills Paul has acquired throughout his lifetime of hunting to others. By imparting this knowledge, they hope to ensure that the tradition and way of life associated with sambar hunting can be preserved for generations to come.


Paul Boag has not only gained a reputation as one of Australia's foremost deer hunters but also as a skilled photographer. His passion for capturing the beauty of nature and wildlife shines through in his work. By combining his expertise in hunting and photography, he offers a comprehensive and immersive learning experience for those interested in the art of sambar hunting.


Through their educational courses, Paul and Monica Boag strive to create a community of knowledgeable and responsible hunters who can continue the legacy of sambar hunting and share their skills with others. Their commitment to passing on this knowledge ensures that future generations can enjoy the fantastic way of life associated with this traditional practice.

A very young Paul Boag junior with his first stag alongside his father Paul Boag.

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