Education Hunting Options


one-one / small private group options

Advanced Ed  (2day)  

-Hands on in the bush.

-With wild Sambar deer

-Learn all the skills you need to start hunting on you own

-Understand how Sambar behavior

per person


Advanced Ed & Training Course (2.5 or 3 Days) 

-All the Infomation from the 2 Advanvced Ed  

-Plus Shotplacemet training

-Optional Butchering course                                                                                                                                                                       $2400 to $3000

                                                                                                          per person

Advanced Ed Plus
(4 Days) 

-Combining the Advanced Ed

-Shot placement training                                                                      -Optional Butchering

- Test your new skills in one of Paul's Local hunting spots Running Solo                                                                  

                                                              $3000 to $3600

                                                                                              per person

Ultimate Ed Training Course      (4 Days)  

-Combining the advanced Ed

-shot placement training                                                                      -Optional Butchering

-Test your new skills on a guided hunt with Paul

                                                               $4000 to $4500

                                                                           per person


Additional Add on options
Running Solo add on days

-Perfect for the interstate traveler

- Add this option adds onto any course

Get Paul to place you into prime sambar habitat in the harder to reach places. Aided with some of Paul's expert advice, spend the day testing your skills against the mighty sambar deer.

 Yourself and any animals harvested will be picked up by Paul and returned to base.  

  per day

Large Group Options

Basic Education  ( 2 days ) up to 20 People

-Camp with Paul In Sambar country where you learn in classroom & out in the field

-Learn the skills to get you started

-Meals provided

-Butchering Demo

Starts From $1100  
per person
Trophy & Meat Preparation Training 1day

Don't wait until you're in the bush with a whole dead deer at your feet to try and work out what you need to do next. Book in and learn hands on from Paul all the necessary skills to making the most of that hard earned prize before you need it.