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I'm always very pleased to hear of the success of clients I have had after spending a day with me on an education course or a public talk I have done.

"I'd never hunted anything larger than a rabbit before, and was a bit intimidated by the amount there is to learn in order to effectively and humanely harvest a deer. I had time over lockdown to practise basic skills like understanding wind movement, moving quietly, glassing and whatever else could be done in the local parkland. I watched all of Paul's videos and while I didn't go overboard buying gear, had a basic idea of how I wanted to outfit myself and how everything worked. If I'd arrived underprepared I'm sure Paul would have been able to cater for me, but I got a lot out of it by not having to worry about anything more serious than a loose scope ring.

All that meant that I could focus on the things I knew nothing about - the deer themselves. Paul is a fountain of knowledge about sambar and really gave me a look into the processes behind their thinking - instead of guessing where they would be, we were able to predict their movements and find them where we expected.  I'll never to catch up with Paul's ability to spot a deer on an overgrown gully face but by day three it felt like I had some idea of what was going on in their minds.  

The shooting training was very worthwhile in helping me figure out what I was comfortable with - and what to avoid. Some great little tricks in there and my confidence was really boosted. Early on the fourth day we found a surprise spiker while glassing for a different deer, and very quickly had it down.

Since the course, I've been talking with friends who've hunted for decades and never considered some of the insights I've gained - one said that the course sounds like a great way to sidestep ten years of trial and error, which sounds about right. Expertise is never cheap, but the quality of instruction means hours I spend in future won't be wasted. I'd recommend this course in a heartbeat for someone who has no experience of deer but an open mind. The accommodation was also comfortable, and all the associated admin and planning was very easy. 10/10."

Ed 2021


“A fantastic  weekend with Paul”I headed up from Melbourne to Eildon after work and in 2 hours I was there. Within 15 minutes I had the fire roaring and drink in hand. Wood fire, kitchen, comfy couches, TV and cosy loft for sleeping what more could you want.The collection of antlers and deer heads was amazing. It was like being in a mountain cabin from a John Wayne movie.Paul arrived early and before I knew it we were on a hill glassing sambars on an adjacent ridge. We spent the time picking out the sex, size and behaviours as they fed across, up and over the ridge. Paul was patient with his explanation as to where and what to look for. He made sure that I could pick the animals, even as they fed through and in front of the bush. The camouflage ability of the deer was amazing and it was only with Paul’s keen eye that I started to learn how to spot them. Paul has a saying.“anything you glass that you think’s a deer is one until you definitely know it’s not” This simple lesson has made an enormous difference in making more of my hunts successful.Back to the ranch and time for theory. The day was spent looking at videos and discussing the characteristics of sambar. I was also taught how the wind normally behaves as the day warms up.  By understanding both the wind and deer’s behaviors you are able to plan your hunt to have the best chance of snagging that animal.In the evening, as a mutual friend had arrived, Paul agreed to take me for a hunt. Driving to his secret squirrel spot “xx” we set out in search of deer and I managed to bag one.The next day Paul taught me his preferred way to butcher the animal. Who would have thought there are six cuts from just the rear leg!The weekend was a great and has gone a long way to improving my hunting ability.Thanks Pauls for a great weekend.





Being a vermin hunter since I was a young kid, I thought it was time to give Sambar hunting a crack. After many times taking my rifle for a bush walk I finally realised there must be more to this Sambar hunting than walking into the wind and up valleys, so I booked in a two day education course with a third day of hunting with Paul. I can safely say what I have learn't in the 3 day course with Paul would of taken me god knows how many hours to teach myself in the bush. There is no substitute for hands on learning in the bush as I was able to pick up on things I could of never of learned from a book. I very highly rate Paul's course and I would and will be recommending it to any hunter of any experience level.







Hi Paul

Just wanted to give you a quick update. I did the advanced educational training course at the start of May which included the shot placement training.

I went to Dartmouth with a friend for four days from the 16th of October.

Found the going tough because of very thick undergrowth. We bumped a couple of deer and got honked on the first hunt. We found a lot of deer signs with rubs, foot prints and fresh poo. On the last evening we headed off up a gully and got to the top of the system, we worked our way slowly down another gully with a slight breeze in our faces. It all looked perfect for a Deer to be hiding in. As we moved slowly glassing all the likely areas – we found nothing. Then we were honked to our right – I previously said to my hunting buddy “if we get honked -drop to the ground”, and we did straight away. As I was getting down I looked in the direction of the honk and saw the outline of the deer about 80 metres away. As I stood up, I flicked off the safety and lined up the shoulder and pulled the trigger. The deer jumped up and fell over backwards about 15 metres away. My mate did not even see the deer but in doing the shot placement training I found in valuable and gave me the confidence to pull the trigger. From hearing the honk to shooting the deer was only a few seconds my mate could not believe how quick it all happened and I put it down to shooting at your life like targets. It all happened instinctively without thinking.


Thanks again



Hi Paul,


I have been meaning to contact you for a while now.  

Thank you for all you have done for me and my family.  I have since put a quite a few deer on the table by applying alot of the methods that you taught me in your course. 


Since completing your course I have had more successful hunts with not only sambar but all species of deer found in this beautiful state. Having success with falow, reds and they ever so elusive Sambar! This made me keener than ever to spend more time out there enjoying it i have attached a few photos for you. 




Sean R 


Hi Paul,


Just a quick message about the hunter ed course and the solo hunt we did with you last week. We were very happy with the time we spent on the course learning about Sambar, and the solo hunt allowed us to both take our first Sambar. I'm now confident to find deer in the bush and have success. The small group size allows us to ask plenty of questions.


Ian & Matt


If your an Experienced hunter or a beginner, Don't keep thinking should I or shouldn't I do a trip with Paul Boag. The simple answer is, just do it.. I have done 2 consecutive years with Paul and I plan on trying to do 1 trip every year with him. The experience and knowledge he has in the field of Sambar is phenomenal and you are bound to learn a few things from him. His accommodation at the hunting shack is also worth a look. He helped me bag my first sambar as an ADA member and taught me how to field dress and butcher my spoils properly.Paul is a great bloke and I highly recommend him for your next hunt 


Craig M


G'day paul


I Just wanted to take the time to say what a great time I had doing the 2 day advanced education course .  I Can't believe how much ive learnt in just  two days . And how much it has fast tracked my skills on hunting sambar. 

For anyone who is thinking of fast tracking or even for people wanting to get started hunting sambar. i can't recommend Paul highly enough .


Cheers again mate




Hi Paul, just wanted to provide some feedback for your course.

The format was perfectly suited to the content. It was great to see the first hand videos, pictures and hear the stories via the presentation and classroom style session.

To then be able to go out into the bush and see the preaching trees, wallows, tracks and sign was fantastic. Not to mention actually tracking based on fresh sign. It takes the book knowledge to the next level and was a highlight. What was of most benefit was learning where I have been going wrong (and to a lesser extent right) so far – and now how to get the most of the limited time we get in the bush.  Day 2 was amazing too – to actually have a plan and see it come together was an amazing experience.

To anyone considering the course I’d highly recommend it. Paul knows the area, knows the bush and knows Sambar. He is a great teacher and happy to share his knowledge. You will see them in the wild (19 was the count over the 2 days covering State Forest and National Park) and you will learn a lot.

Nick B


Hey Paul,


As a newcomer to deer hunting, I found Paul's website and decided the best way to learn the good habits and get off to the right start was through Paul. I'm so glad I did! What I learnt with Paul in 4 days is huge! I highly recommend his Shot Placement course as this gave me tremendous confidence at the end of the day knowing I would be able to take a deer when one presented. On the final day we headed out for a hunt. Sitting for about 20 minutes a small stag and a large hind appeared and using the skills I learnt the day before I waited for the right shot. The hind stepped forward and gave me a clean side on shot which I took. I was confident in my shot placement and she bolted past me over the ridge behind me and fell some 30 metres with a clean shot through he lungs. I am so happy I invested my time and money with Paul and now my wife and I can enjoy plenty of free range organic red meat that I know I harvested responsibly and ethically. I cannot recommend a course with Paul highly enough! Thanks mate



August 2016

Since attending Paul’s hunting education course in October last year. I have been on three hunts, the first two with another hunter, but getting frustrated with my hunting partner hunting too fast and not using his binos enough. I thought I would go alone this time to a new area. I picked a spot and looked at the weather. So with work being crazy lately I had only a spare 24hr from Sunday morning. The Hilux was loaded and I was on my way at 2:30am. I arrived at the hunting location picked a nice northern facing gully and started my hunt 3/4 the way up.  I came across some old rubs then some not so old ones so I slowed right down, then herd something below me. looking for any movement like the flick of an ear or tail, then I spotted a brown lump that looked a bit odd so I looked even harder then picked up an antler. Click I took the guns safety off which got him out of his bed. Standing broad side he presented a clean heart lung shot to me. Unfortunately with all the excitement I pulled the shot but still hit him and  he ran off.  3 hours later with the aid of my young dog I was able to locate the stag and now have a heap of free range organic red meat hanging at home, plus a nice trophy to remind me of a good day out in the bush.





After countless hunting trips over the years always returning empty handed, myself and my hunting partner Frank decide it was time we attend Paul's two day educational course. 

Day one saw us into the bush bright and early. Where Paul's wealth of knowledge kicked in. He pointed out things that we have been walking past for years and not taking any notice of. Explaining everything from why, when and who, the information that we learnt on day one was invaluable.

Day two came and we where out into the bush before first light. The morning progress with not much happening so it was decided we head into another location. 

As we set up in a new location, within minutes I had my first Sambar on the deck. Even better yet not more than 10 minutes later a lovely hind came up the face and shortly after I had bagged my second sambar. All thanks to Paul and his guidance for an amazing experience. 

I cannot recommend the course more highly. Paul is fantastic and what I learnt in those two days was more than what I did after years of chasing these magnificent animals."




attended Paul's 2 day Advanced Sambar Deer education course and I couldn't have been happier. Paul runs a great course in an easy going relaxed environment and his endless knowledge on hunting Sambar is priceless.  

I had a great experience over the course learning lots and getting my first deer on the second day which turned into more knowledge gained with Paul's guidance on butchering and meat preparation.

Paul was more than happy to pass on his and his family's knowledge and I would highly recommend anyone wanting to learn more about Sambar to take one of his courses. 



Patrick C


When I took Paul's 2 day programme, I had hunted for Sambar a few times previously, had seen sign but never sighted a deer.  


By early morning on day 1 we had seen about 6 deer, and then spent a very enjoyable and informative day learning from Paul's vast experience and knowledge in a very practical, relaxed and down to earth way.


That afternoon we returned to the bush and spotted more deer, including a stag.


Early morning on day 2 saw me take my first deer, a 3-4 year old hind, spotted by Paul almost exactly where he expected deer to be based on the prevailing weather.


Paul's expert instruction then continued as we removed meat and then returned to his hut to complete the butchering of my fresh organic free range red meat.


It was also a great experience meeting Paul's father and hearing both their accounts of their many hunts.


Highly recommended.


Mark B 


Hi Paul, 


I wanted to write the following as a review for your educational hunting program. 


Whether your new to deer hunting or experienced, you will always have a lot to learn from Paul. His years of experience shine through when hunting deer. In learning how to track deer, identify their signs, preparing them for meat or general hunting tips, Paul Boag shows you everything step by step. 


More so, Paul is a very good person to be around. He's friendly, good to get along with and cooks a good deer burger! One hunt with Paul brought me, my family, my friends, (and people who suddenly became my friend with the knowledge I had deer meat to give away), a good dinner for many nights. 


Thanks again, 


Mark P


Being a Queenslander with no experience with sambar or Victorian conditions I booked a hunt with Paul Boags Outdoors . I gained immense knowledge from Paul of sambar and preferred habitat under different conditions. We saw numerous hinds and young on the two days of stalking, but not the stag i was after. Paul invited me on a social hound hunt with his family hound hunting team. I have never hunted or really wished to hunt  this way and as such never thought much of it . How wrong I was , it was a day full of excitement and I can now realise why it is so popular. Two hinds were taken on that hunt and I urge anyone who has never hunted this way to try it , it will not disappoint .

Paul's professionalism, dedication , knowledge and hospitality is second to none . Paul went above and beyond what was expected and I will be hunting with Paul Boags Outdoors when I am in Victoria again. 


Torry k


Hi Paul, 
     Just wanted to drop you a quick note and say how I really enjoyed my couple of days with you. Got so much out of the course and the time out looking for deer. The very next time I went for a hunt I was able to put what you taught me into practice and got my first stag, no record breaker but extremely happy with my first one.
I would highly recommend anyone just starting out or wanting to expand on their experience to attend your course. Looking forward to catching up with you again this season



Late last year my self and a mate of mine set off early Friday to an educational course run By Paul Boag. Paul started the course off with a first light instructional stalk. This was where I picked up a lot of information from Winds to what to look for. Within this morning we saw a lot of sambar including a ripper stag! Following this we had a sit down and class room style chat. That afternoon we went out for another stalk to learn the differences between morning and afternoon, which way to approach and so forth. 
This course taught me a lot of the finer things that I never thought about. 
Armed with this new knowledge I have had some very successful hunts since, including taking a few meat animals. I highly recommend this course because it opens your eyes to an easier way to hunt these deer! One thing I always say with hunting is you never stop learning! Paul's course will make you a better hunter and a successful one. 

Matt E


Hi Paul

Just wanted to give you some feedback that you might want to pass onto your clients for a future reference for them because I found the day extremely helpful and informative.

Having come from a background of deerhunting over several years a close friend of mine and I were looking to extend our knowledge of the ways of the samba because we always tend to find deer sign and regularly push up does and young spikies. After several conversations with Paul on Facebook we were prepared to spend the money to try and improve our skills and figure out why we were having limited success sighting stags.  The course was over a full day and the hands on in the field experience proved to be one of the best hunts we have had. Heading straight to the high ground with Paul constantly pointing out not only where the sign was but more importantly why the sign was there we started glassing deer from quite some distance away. We managed to get quite close to a large stag of maybe 28 inch with his ladies in tow. The biggest let down for the day was that this was a tuition and we didnt have our rifles with us.
My friend and I have done several hunts since and find it a lot easier to locate greater numbers of deer and sighting more stags that we previously would not have seen.  I highly recommend this education day from all levels of hunting ... from first timers who havent shot a rabbit to the more experienced hunter. Thanks again Paul for a great day.

Matt B



Paul Boags educational course was an invaluable experience in the pursuit of the Sambar.

The course covers every aspect you need to know and with Pauls field trip you actually get to study them in their habibtat.

The knowledge and skills learnt through Paul, armed me with a new approach where i  have now seen alot more deer.

After the contact your hunt will never be the same. Highly recommended!



Giusep P


“It’s one thing to read a book but it’s another thing to have an expert tutor you. Paul eagerly shares 4 generations of hunting knowledge in a concise, yet jovial manner, that it easy to comprehend. His detailed knowledge of certivae behaviours and their predictable responses to climatic conditions has helped me identify and target areas where deer are likely to be found, improving my hunting efficiency through the roof!


On my first outing following my time with Paul I modified my approach and utilised the knowledge and techniques Paul imparted, I was able to easily locate, stalk in and harvested an animal for the table."  


 Nick I   


I would highly recommend a few days away with Paul to any one that is new to deer hunting the knowledge that I gained from a two day trip has been invaluable in hunting sambar on my own 

 Gavin W


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