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Deboned roast quail stuffed  with Pancetta, mushrooms and served with Kale and black grapes.























Quail stuffing


·       180g porcini mushrooms

·       20 ml  olive oil

·       salt and pepper, to taste

·       180g chicken breast, skin off, diced

·       90g quail meat, skin off, diced (roughly from one bird)

·       Few sprigs thyme and rosemary.

·       One zest of orange

·       1½ eggs (1 whole egg and 1 yolk)

·       1 diced onion

·       100g diced pancetta

·       100ml cream




Heat the oil in a pan and sauté the diced mushrooms, onions and diced pancetta until they turn golden brown in colour. Season and set aside to cool down.

Mix the chicken and quail together, add salt, pepper, fresh herbs and orange zest,  Mix thoroughly and leave in the fridge to set approximately 1/2 an hour.

Transfer the chicken and quail mix into a bowl and add in the mushrooms, onions and pancetta. Whisk the eggs and cream together and mix it into the stuffing.

Fill the quail with the quail stuffing.

Seal the quail in a pan with a little bit of oil and bake uncovered in the oven at 185°C for 15 to 20 minutes. 



Sautéed Kale


1 bunch kale roughly chopped
4 cloves of garlic sliced thin
Splash of good olive oil

Splash of white wine
Salt & fresh ground black pepper to taste

1 juice of a Lemon




Heat a large pot over high heat until hot. Add a splash of good quality olive oil and then the garlic.

Sauté the garlic until lightly browned and fragrant.

Add the kale, a small splash of white wine and the salt and pepper and stir. Lower the heat to medium low, cover and cook for another 10 minutes.

Adjust seasoning if needed and serve with some lemon juice squeezed on top.

Deboned roast quial
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