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• AST 30Lt Backpack  • Harness & Waistbelt  • Rifle / Bow Bucket & Holder X 2

• Radio & Utility Pouches  • Cape Bag   • Map Pouch  • Blaze Safety Sash • Rain Cover

*Optional 5Lt Expansion Panniers can be added via the Drop-Down Tab above.

Selecting the correct size harness is important to achieve maximum comfort and adjustability for your body shape and size. Whilst most adult males achieve a perfect fit with our Regular Harness, if you have a particularly large or broad frame, wide shoulders and neck, we recommend selecting the option of our Large Harness that provides an additional 50mm of width across your neckline, and 100mm in additional torso length.

The Alpine Stalker 30Lt Day Pack inherits a lot of the benchmark design features, functionality and worldclass durability offered by it's big brothers, the AST45 & 75Lt MK4 Back Packs.

Designed and engineered to set a new standard in versatile and modular system Day Packs, the AST30Lt offers all the right features to accomodate your essential gear, whilst leaving ample space for heavy meat hauling and trophy carry out. Manufactured using the exact same chassis, waistbelt and harness from the AST45Lt, the AST30Lt provides maximum durability and comfort with the convenience of a rear loader design, providing ready access to the entire pack for easy loading and access to your gear.

Adequate internal space makes this pack suitable for not only a day hunt, but will easily cater to an overnight trip as well. With dual modular 5Lt Panniers available as an optional accessory, you can add an extra 10Lts of capacity as required, ideal for stowing food supplies, clothing and First Aid Kits.

•Included with the AST30Lt is two Rifle / Bow Carry systems, which can be configured either directly on the back of the pack, or mounted to the side.

Removeable Map Pouch,  Removeable Harness mounted Radio / GPS & Utility Pouches & Detachable Cape Bag, Removable Blaze Orange Rain Cover.

Manufactured to the same exacting standards as it's big brothers, the AST30Lt features YKK Zips and ITW Hardware throughout and is built from our extremely durable N2 Pack Fabric in GDR Gully Camo.

• Choice of Regular (LRG) & XL Waistbelts - please select via Drop Down Tab

• Choice of colour style - GDR Camo or Olive - please select via Drop Down Tab



Alpine Stalker 30Lt Backpack

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