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The scrambler is a metal bit designed to be laced with weed whacker string in a variety of configurations predetermined by use. This unique bit design makes for scrambling brains with the use of a drill a very easy task. No more scraping and frustrating picks, in a matter of seconds with any standard drill (not included), the scrambler will liquify brain matter for quick and easy cleaning. String assembly required.

String and bit included with selected product. The scrambler bit is a universal design, the string configuration will determine the specific use and can be modified to any liking.

  • Comes with 24" of 0.095 string.
  • String assembly required.
  • Countless configurations.
  • For best results on deer and elk skulls match pictures. 
  • Works on all animal skulls,
  • Watch video for helpful tips. 
  • Also a great paint mixer

Units in box: 1

RaptoRazor Scambler

  • Paul Boag personally uses and recommend this product as part of his educational courses 

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