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Turkey                84 x 61 cm


OnCore Targets are a cost effective alternative to 3D

Target and paper target faces. Our targets are made

from 16mm self-healing closed cell foam giving it excel-

lent durability and weather resistance. Easily mounts to

any safe backstop.

We offer over 60 varieties of targets including our new

lines of Jurassic Dinosaurs and Zombies.



   Made from 16mm premium self-healing foam

Offers unsurpassed durability

   Center score ring sustains 100’s of shots

      Combined rings sustains a 1000 shots plus

Precision sculpted and hand painted

Available with Universal Score Rings

•       Attaches to any safe backstop 

•       Indoor and outdoor use

       Lightweight and easy to store

Made in the U.S.A

Units in box: 1

Turkey 2D Bow-Air rifle Target

  • Paul Boag personally uses and recommend this product as part of his educational courses 

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