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   Salami Recipe

You can use whatever meat and fat you like. I like Venison with pork fat   


70% Meat & 30% Fat mix

Meat has to be chilled down before you start.

Ingredients is per kg of combined meat/fat mixture ( Multiply by how many kg you have )

• 6 grams fennel (if you like it)

• 6 grams of cracked pepper

• 6 grams smoked paprika (must be smoked not sweet)

• 30 grams of salt

• 80 grams of capsicum past (comes in jars) May be called pepper past

• 20 mills of red wine any red wine you like 

• if you want a bit of heat add some red chilli flakes to your taste.


Fry up a bit of the mixture in pan to test it for taste. Then if you want to add extra you can.


Put it back in the fridge over night then stuff the casings the next day.


Venison Salami
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