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Frank's Venison Sausages



5kg clean lean venison 

2.5kg pork fat 

1.8% salt 

1/2 litre red wine

sausage casings (natural) 28-32mm

black ground pepper

45 grams crushed fennel seeds 

chilli flakes to taste 




1. Cut venison and pork fat into cubes and mix together evenly.

2. Put through mincer using 6mm diameter cutting plate.

3. Spread out evenly on flat level surface (table top).

4. Add salt and crushed fennel seeds, pepper to taste and chilli flakes to taste.

5. Add half a litre of cold red wine.

6. Mix thoroughly by hand until mixture is sticky. 

7. Prepare casings by following manufacturer's instructions and then stuff mix into 

casings by either using a sausage stuffer or filler tube on the mincer.

8. Once the casing is filled, either chain link the sausages or tie individually with string.



Venison Sausages
Venison Sausages
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