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6 ducks (12 breasts )                       

1 cup plain flour seasoned with some salt & pepper                       

1 beaten egg & dash of milk                        

1 cup bread crumbs                        

1 cup sesame seeds                       

2 tbl spoons hoisin sauce                       

half teaspoon 5 spice powder                       

4 tbl spoons sweet dry sherry                      

1 teaspoon ketchup manis                      

half a fresh lemon, squeeze juice                        

oil (canola)



Remove breast meat from ducks (no skin) place on a cutting  board and flatten all out till about 5mm thick.

In a bowl mix hoisin , 5 spice powder , ketchup manis ,dry sherry and lemon juice , stir thoroughly and add breasts cover with marinade place in fridge for about 4 hours or overnight.

Remove breasts from bowl and place on a rack and allow to dry for about 15min. in a plastic bag place seasoned flour shake bag thoroughly mixing salt / pepper mixes through, in a bowl beat together egg and milk wash and in another bowl mix bread crumbs and sesame seeds together. 

Take a breast and place in bag with flour and coat thoroughly ( do all the breasts first) then coat in egg wash and then in the 50/50 breadcrumb & sesame seed mix , when all breasts are done get a fry pan and put enough oil so as to shallow fry the schnitzel till golden brown.

Enjoy I like to serve with some stir fried veggies and fried rice and a bit of hoisin sauce for dipping 

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